Whirlwind College Tours in Bloomington-Normal Are a Chance to Create a Memory

The Bloomington-Normal area can thank Illinois State University, Illinois Wesleyan University, and Lincoln College for contributing to its robust offerings of activities. Colleges and universities provide amazing benefits for towns. They increase the education average of the area; they open … Continue reading

Planning a Wedding? 5 Reasons to Produce Your Event at Vrooman Like Dateline Did

In May, Dateline chose Vrooman as its stage for filming because the mansion could accommodate the many moving parts of producing a television episode. Some of the needs producers sought and our bed and breakfast satisfied are the same attributes … Continue reading

Lincoln Festival in Bloomington, IL, Combines with Route 66 History

Central Illinois is proud of its connection to Abraham Lincoln; it’s not surprising to see references to the great president everywhere, even outside Springfield. Here in Bloomington-Normal, we have the inside track to something special: Abe Lincoln wanders around greeting … Continue reading

Commencing the graduation celebrations

We can hear the strains of Pomp and Circumstance coming from high schools, colleges, and universities all around the Bloomington-Normal area as graduation season fast approaches. Students across central Illinois are preparing speeches, announcements, and invitations in a prelude to their big … Continue reading