Planning a Wedding? 5 Reasons to Produce Your Event at Vrooman Like Dateline Did

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In May, Dateline chose Vrooman as its stage for filming because the mansion could accommodate the many moving parts of producing a television episode. Some of the needs producers sought and our bed and breakfast satisfied are the same attributes wedding planners seek to make brides’ and grooms’ special day perfect. 

  1. Size. The layout of the mansion allowed for meals to be available without interfering with the area where filming took place. The mansion provided separate but accessible rooms for people to prepare for interviews.
    For weddings, the ceremony, cocktails, and meal can each be in their own room. Vrooman Mansion is from an era of parties. Our kitchen, dining room, parlors, and ballroom provide space to fit many needs.
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  2. Convenience: The headaches and worry are greatly reduced when the wedding party can stay on site. Depending on the size of the affair, family and friends often can room at the inn as well, creating a more intimate and cohesive experience for all. Besides the convenience, guests enjoy the luxury of Vrooman’s beautiful rooms, each a master suite.
  3. Atmosphere: Dateline needed a place with a warm background that enhanced without intruding on the story. Producers were able to achieve that at Vrooman.
    We provide the same warmth for a wedding. But the venue gets more notice for a wedding than for a TV show backdrop. Brides, grooms, and guests bask in the charm and opulence our B&B exudes. Its elegant style is a beautiful accessory to a wedding party, like a diamond engagement ring or the cake topper. Vrooman brings the wow factor, yet still allows the bride to be the star of her wedding

    Wedding Pictures

    Additionally, the mansion’s grandeur and beauty make it a glorious place to stage engagement, save-the-date, and wedding pictures.

  4. Elegance: Vrooman Mansion calls to mind an era of wealth and sophistication. Its timeless beauty enhances the grandeur of an event no matter its size. A wedding at the mansion elevates those feelings of distinction; everyone feels special and the significance of the day is solidified.
  5. Flexibility: Vrooman provides the opportunity for an inside or outside event. Alcohol is allowed but not required. The innkeepers have preferred caterers for your consideration but allow for your choice of outside, licensed caterers. You can book the mansion for your entire event or for select parts. All things associated with getting married happen at Vrooman, including engagements, bridal showers, dinners, receptions, and honeymoons. Ask us about personalizing your affair.

    Company retreats

    Take the emotion out of the equation, and businesses planning corporate meetings and retreats are looking for the same things as wedding planners—size, atmosphere, and flexibility. We fit for TV shows, weddings, and professional development.

    Contact us to help you plan your event—and to make planning it easy,

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