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Where would you park your horse-drawn carriage?  

Renovated with a “labor of love”, the Carriage House at Vrooman Mansion no longer parks horses or carriages, but has two overnight suites, a screened in patio, and a lovely sitting room on the main floor with a working fireplace.  

Ann & Bob from North Carolina chose an extended stay in the Charlevoix Suite, where they enjoyed gourmet breakfast, and admired the labor of love it takes to maintain an historic home with modern amenities. In fact their parents played a role in maintaining the Carriage House as well!

Read their review, learn more about the Carriage House and book your stay in the luxurious Charlevoix Suite. 

Guest Review | Ann & Bob from Pinehurst, North Carolina

“There will always be a special place in my heart for “The Carriage House”. A lot of wonderful memories were made here over the years. My parents put a lot of love and hard work into this home and you have improved upon it with your labor of love. It takes a special person to hold dear the history of this place and to preserve its memory for others to share and admire.

Thank you for the wonderful hospitality and fantastic gourmet breakfasts on the porch. We hope to return again one day and spread the good news of your most wonderful place you call home.


Ann & Bob”

The Luxurious Charlevoix Suite

The only suite with a king sized bed is in the 2nd floor Charlevoix Suite. Though more common today, king size beds were not common in the late 1800s. So as we strive to maintain and incorporate vintage elements from that time period, bed frames, headboards and footboards in excellent condition are hard to come by!

In addition to having arguably the most comfortable bed, the Charlevoix Suite also have a full length mirrored armoire, leather resting couch, and a bathroom that puts spa resorts to shame. With a walk-in shower, copper tub and chic black robes, its no wonder this suite is a favorite among newlyweds.

large bathroom with walk in shower, copper tub and all antique finishings in dark wood and bronze

What is the Carriage House?

This two-story structure, renovated under the current owners of the Vrooman Mansion Bed and Breakfast, combines the warmth of a cozy cottage getaway with modern amenities and spa-quality bathroom fixtures.

Long before WWI, around the turn of the century, nature lover Julia Scott (the original owner of the mansion) purchased a secluded summer cottage in Charlevoix, Michigan and named it “The Wilds”. Her daughter Julia Vrooman (whom the mansion is named after) completed her popular novel, “The High Road to Honor” at the Charlevoix Cottage in 1918.

Old black and white photograph of a man and woman sitting in a sitting room near a brick fireplace

Julia and Carl Vrooman at the Charlevoix cabin

It is in their legacies that the Charlevoix Suite was named and the Carriage House was renovated to be our “cottage” for guests who love a bit more privacy.


Gourmet Breakfast for Every Guest

You deserve more than a continental breakfast, or orange juice from a machine. At Vrooman Mansion you get a gourmet breakfast with multiple courses, seasonal ingredients and unique presentation and a touch of glamour. Because breakfast is made fresh and unique every morning, this means we can also accommodate any dietary restrictions are guests may have. Just let us know in advance so we can craft a unique breakfast for you.

If you’d like to see more, follow us on Facebook and watch The Breakfast Club, our program that airs every Friday highlighting one of our amazing breakfasts, showing you how its done and even sharing the recipe with you.

Unique Spaces for you to Enjoy

The Carriage House has a den on the first floor with a working fireplace, as well as a kitchenette, and a screened in patio.

But when you stay at the Carriage House you also have full access to all of the common areas in the mansion as well! From the parlor to the foyer, from the music room to the upstairs library, and even the gorgeous blue “safe room” which has a built in safe from 1869 with the original owners name on it.

red velvet chairs and couches in the parlor with a bright red antique rug underneath, light blue wallpapered walls and silver servingware on white marble tabletops

Book Your Stay

If you’ve never experienced the Carriage House, now is the time to check availability and plan your time away together.  

With concert venues & restaurants in a 15-minute walk, extend your anniversary and stay several days in an 1869 Mansion Bed & Breakfast.

Free WiFi, gourmet included breakfast, endlessly available free coffee and tea, and free snacks in any of our 7 luxury suites with private bathrooms.

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Front of the Mansion in the Fall from the East Back of the Mansion in the Fall


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