Significance happens at Vrooman Mansion. It always has. Agriculture innovated here. Philanthropy launched here. Presidents were influenced here. American history happened here. Now you happen here.

Your relationship is recharged here. Your wedding celebrates here. Your team builds here. Your friends reconnect here. Your weekend getaways anchor here. Vrooman Mansion isn’t just a place where things happened…  It’s the place where things happen.

For overnight accommodations, intimate weddings, and important business or personal events that leave a lasting impression, choose this visually matchless Bed, Breakfast & Events venue where vintage greets modern with vibrant majesty. Discover how amazing spaces can author significant experiences that become your historic landmark. Your next victorious moment happens at Vrooman Mansion.

Book your stay, and come make history.

Vrooman Mansion was built in 1869, and we care for & build upon the history, structure & spirit of those who came before. While continuing to preserve the Romanesque design, we provide you with a vibrant setting to reconnect, rediscover, and create new chapters in your most meaningful relationships and business endeavors. 

Located in Bloomington-Normal, in the heart of central Illinois, with convenient access from interstates I-55, I-74, and I-39, historic Route 66, and Central Illinois Regional Airport, so any of your wedding guests or business colleagues can experience the awe and wonder with you. Once you’re here, take a 15-minute walk to downtown Bloomington, and add to your stay with locally owned restaurants, art galleries and even a historic music venue.

Inspirational awe & wonder rattles through this Mansion like a powerful, majestic force of gravity. It’s a nonstop experience of ‘wow.’ The outside is wow. Stepping inside is wow. The stained glass windows are wow. Seeing your room is wow. Learning the history is wow. Having our gourmet breakfast is double wow. And in our experience, surrounding yourself with awe & wonder is the spark that ignites your ‘wow’ to happen next.

Book your stay, and come make history.