Celebrating President Abraham Lincoln in Bloomington

As we celebrate the birthday of President Abraham Lincoln and Presidents’ Day we remember the rich history Lincoln had in Central Illinois.  Abraham Lincoln spent more time in Bloomington than any other town in Central Illinois outside of Springfield.  There are many sites to visit in Bloomington that pay tribute to the great 16th president of the United States.  Come and stay at the beautiful Vrooman Mansion and be a part of Lincoln’s history on the mansion property itself as well as many other sites nearby!
Points of Interest
701 E Taylor Street, Bloomington
the windows in The Sitting Room, at
the southeast corner of the second floor of the Vrooman Mansion, you can see a small park where The Lincoln Oak Tree once stood.  The oak tree was a spot for several of Lincoln’s speeches as well as Stephan A. Douglas between 1855 and 1860. In 1914 the tree was dedicated and a plaque was erected.  Vachel Lindsey, a poet, was the dedication speaker and the plaque was written by Adlai E. Steveson, it read: “I
have heard Stephen A. Douglas and Abraham Lincoln at different times speak from
a platform erected under the shade of this tree.  This historic spot was then a part of
Dimmitt’s Grove.” 
The original Lincoln Oak died in 1976, a new oak tree was planted later at the site.
1000 East Monroe Drive, Bloomington  309.828.1084
A visit to Judge David Davis’ estate offers a glimpse into the lives
of the wealthy and powerful of its day. Davis helped Abraham Lincoln
win the 1860 Presidential nomination, in turn,
Lincoln appointed Davis to the United States Supreme Court.
200 North Main Street, Bloomington
From Kickapoo Indians to early European settlers, from the small
town where Lincoln practiced law to today’s thriving community, the
stories of this uniquely Midwestern place are told at the
McLean County Museum of History. The museum traces its roots back to
1892, the year the McLean County Historic Society was founded.
112 North Sixth Street, Springfield
Combining scholarship and showmanship, the Abraham Lincoln
Presidential Library and Museum in downtown Springfield, IL communicates
the amazing life and times of Abraham Lincoln in unforgettable


Another way to celebrate Abraham Lincoln is to take the self guided Looking for Lincoln Tour.  For more information go to the Looking for Lincoln Tour website.
 701 East Taylor Street
Bloomington, IL 61701 
Phone: 309.828.8816
Toll Free: 877.346.6488
Fax: 309.828.2596

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