RMS Titanic


To celebrate the maiden voyage of the Titanic, 
the Vrooman Mansion will be hosting 
Dinner on the Titanic & Tea on the Titanic on 
April 14th & April 15th.  
For more information about purchasing tickets for this event see our previous blog post or visit us on Facebook.
Titanic Facts
The Length was 882 feet 6 inches
The Height was 175 feet from keel to stack
The Weight was 46,328 Registered Tons
 The Decks were 9 in total, A through G with the boilers
There was an Indoor squash court on F Deck
The Bridge Deck extended 550 feet,
the complete length of the
The Grand Staircase was 60 feet from the lower landing to the
glass skyline
 The Reading Room  looked out on to the Promenade Deck
First Class Accommodations included 39 private suites
The Suites included bedrooms
with private toilet facilities
 All had up to five different rooms: 2 bedrooms,
2 wardrobe 
rooms and a bathroom


Make sure to join us to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of this magnificent ship!
701 East Taylor Street
Bloomington, IL 61701 
Phone: 309.828.8816
Toll Free: 877.346.6488
Fax: 309.828.2596


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