Celebrate St. Patty’s Day with The Tea Ladies

Dessert table with green tablecloth, set for Irish tea eventWhen The Tea Ladies come to Vrooman Mansion we know to expect something special. Their next event in our beautiful parlor is a Wee Bit ‘O The Irish St. Patrick’s Day Tea. On Sunday, March 17, they will present a program that shares with us a wee bit of perspective on the lives of the working-class Irish as they strove to make America their home.

Traditional Irish Treats

Of course, your educational entertainment will be served with some traditional treats from the land of shamrocks and clovers. Expect Irish soda bread and scones, but this is a fancy occasion, a celebration. The scones will be savory rosemary and white cheddar with herbed butter. Instead of traditional oatcakes, you’ll revel in Bailey’s mousse cheesecake and chocolate Guinness ginger cakes. Before reaching for the sweets, relish the Irish stew puffed pastry hand pies and the herb and potato tartlets.

And, of course, The Tea Ladies would not deny you freshly steeped Irish tea. Keep it smooth and authentic; pour your cream before you pour your tea, just as the Irish do. Other sweet and savory treats await you as well; we don’t want to spoil the surprise, but if you can’t wait, check the menu.

Irish History

As for the informational segment, sippers will learn a bit of the history of the Irish in central Illinois. Many of the immigrants were straight from Ireland (via US entry points, of course) and among the work available was that as house staff in homes like Vrooman Mansion. Was it anything like presented in “Downton Abbey” or “Upstairs Downstairs”? Where did they live and what did they do after their workday or careers were completed?

Sipping your tea surrounded by the old-world charm of the Vrooman parlor – its ornate fireplace, lovely bay window, gas-electric lighting, Victorian furnishings – you would almost expect a server dressed in a black dress, white apron and cap, and with a lovely Irish brogue, to come in and pour your next cuppa. Oh, there she is!

Most likely a Tea Lady or two will wander about in traditional garb of both the servant and the mistress of the Victorian manor. But feel free to pour your own cup, enjoy another biscuit, and settle in for the storytelling in this authentic atmosphere. Reserve your seat for this tea party for a mere $36. And consider having your own event at Vrooman.

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