Seeking a Different Corporate Retreat Location? Choose a Mansion in Central Illinois

retreat group of hands in teamwork formation all hands in. cheer.When selecting a venue for your corporate retreats and off-site educational seminars, consider what you want to get out of it. When you want to spark creativity, communication, originality, and team spirit choose Vrooman Mansion as your retreat center.

A business retreat is an opportunity for a group to bond both professionally and personally. Provide a setting and facility that’s different than the norm. Instead of a sterile room in a chain hotel, surround your team with the inspiration of a music room, the peace of a parlor, and the multiple perspectives of a library.

unique setting for retreat space for 40Vrooman Mansion in central Illinois provides a unique setting that allows your team to focus as it also motivates them to think broadly. Just two hours south of Chicago, the Mansion offers an inspiring change of scenery from the office. An out-of-the-ordinary retreat location can spark out-of-the-ordinary ideas.

Retreat for a Day or 2 or 3

Available for overnight strategy sessions or a day of intense professional development, the setting also encourages communication. Maybe it’s being somewhere reminiscent of a time when people talked that leads to an open flow of ideas and increased participation.

As your host, Vrooman also can provide you with sustenance that’s superior to your average commercial honeybun. We can provide full or continental-style breakfast, a luncheon, and snacks. And, of course, superior coffee and teas.

With a corporate retreat, a fun and relaxing opportunity for team-building is expected and beneficial. For your more elaborate team-building exercises, the grounds offer space and room to explore. Midday activities off-site could include activities as varied as rock climbing at the nation’s tallest indoor climbing gym and wine-tasting. We would be glad to help you map out your extracurricular time here.  

Team-building after Business Hours

Two women and a man wearing blue jeans sitting around a table looking down and smilingAfter a long and intense day of thinking and strategizing, an evening together enjoying some live music at a Six Strings Club or Nightshop in downtown Bloomington, Ill., could add the relaxing, personal touch to your retreat that seals that team bond. An evening of charades or team-building board games in the parlor with a bottle of local wine may fit your team better and serve the same relaxing, bonding purpose.

By choosing the Mansion you are telling your employees they matter to the business and are worth investing in. Yet you won’t break the corporate bank. With corporate rates available Monday through Thursday, Vrooman Mansion fits into the budget.

Additionally, by reserving Vrooman, you are saying that you see that team as part of the success of the company. They are both its history and its future. With a retreat at Vrooman, you are embraced by the past and empowered for the future. Book your retreat today. 

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