4 Tea Party Menu Secrets for Tastier Sandwiches

Plate of cucumber sandwiches on white bread, cut in triangles, with 2 cups of tea in clear mugs in the background

What makes afternoon tea special? Besides the tea itself, and the company, of course, there’s the scrumptious food. We host many teas at Vrooman Mansion and have discovered some of the secrets that make those cute little sandwiches gourmet treats. They are so remarkably simple, we have decided they shouldn’t be secrets. Keep reading:

Buttered Up

One of the secrets is butter. Many of the great tea sandwiches skip mayonnaise; they don’t use oils; instead, they are slathered with salted butter. Put almost anything between two pieces of buttered bread and cut it into quarters, and your English tea menu is ready. Slices of cucumber on the buttered bread is a classic tea sandwich. But try Black Forest ham or pears and walnuts or brie and cranberries. Another classic, egg salad, will get a flavor boost with bread that’s spread with butter instead of mayo.

Spice It Up

white yogurt topped with chopped chives in clear bowl with a spoon about to stir

Many of the sandwiches are spicier than a butter sandwich. They are often amazingly simple, too. Spice up your spread with spices. Chop chives, soften some butter or cream cheese and mix. That’s your spicy spread. Any number of herbs and spices create a good blend; try rosemary, garlic, or cilantro.  

Go Nuts

Another secret whispered about is nuts. As in pecans, peanuts, and cashews. Add walnuts to your cream cheese spread or pistachios to your chicken salad. Some cooks chop them; some grind them. Sometimes the nut is the main flavor note — or part of the main attraction. Pear and walnut sandwiches are a favorite tea menu item.

Be Fruity

You may have noticed above and at any teas you’ve attended, fruit is not relegated to the side dish. Apples and pears pair well with cheeses. Grapes add to the juiciness of chicken salad. A slice of strawberry instead of tomato or pickle could be mind-blowing.

Special Events

Red covered table topped with elaborate desserts displayed in various silver, clear, and red trays

We love to provide unusual combinations that create happy surprises in our tea menus. It’s one of the many reasons Vrooman bed and breakfast makes the perfect place showers for brides-to-be and mothers-to-be, for birthday parties, fund-raisers, and other events.

Besides creative menus, Vrooman provides an elegant atmosphere in opulent surroundings that make every event an occasion.

Additionally, any event can be made more special by making it an overnight or weekend affair. It’s a distinct option of a bed and breakfast that can turn your event into a personal retreat. Whether it’s a tea party or another kind of special event, let us help you plan your special event. 

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