Why You Should Start Planning Your Next Trip

Remember when you would go on vacation as as a kid and the travel there would feel so much longer than the travel back? You were so excited for your vacation that the trip there dragged on, time weighed down by your excitement and expectations. When I think of anticipation, that is what I think of. That anticipation is something we are all lacking ever since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

With government bodies and political leaders urging us not to travel, many have not traveled anywhere or have plans to travel anytime soon. And while we may not actually be able to go anywhere, it’s important we begin to plan our travels. There are so many benefits to travel, and many take affect before we even leave our homes.

Planning Travel Increases Happiness

A Cornell University study in 2014 found that the anticipation of a trip increase’s a person’s happiness substantially. Another study in 2002 found that people are at their happiest when they have a vacation planned. By simply having a plan to travel, you are boosting your happiness. And while plans may change, having a rough plan is better than none.

Did you know that people who spend money on experiences rather than material things are happier? When it comes to material items, they may make us happy for a short-while, but you will quickly become used to the item and take it for granted. On the contrary, experiences provide us with memories that will last a lifetime. With an experience, you are directly experiencing your purchase and creating memories attached to it. Experiences are also more likely to be spent with friends and family, and they will strengthen and grow these relationships.

For some who have been lucky to keep their work amidst the pandemic, you have probably been saving more money than normal. Because you are not going out to eat as much and probably avoiding shopping, you may have some extra money to splurge on travel. If you want this money to go towards something that will truly benefit you, put it towards your next trip.

Look Forward to It
Nowadays, I could book a flight right now and be across the country by tonight. While there is a thrill and excitement in being spontaneous, booking last minute may result in impulsive decisions. When you plan for the future, you have more time to learn about the place you are traveling so when you get there, you are sure of how you want to spend your time.

Best Time to Start Planning
I know I have found myself with an abundance of free time during the pandemic. This is a great time to get online and find places you want to travel.

It also makes the most sense to begin to plan now while the travel industry is recovering. The industry took a huge hit during the pandemic and booking soon will help the industry get back on its feet. You will probably be getting a better price on flights, lodging, etc., than you would have pre-pandemic. Also keep in mind that many vacations that had to be canceled in 2020 have been reschedule for 2021, so demand will be going up. Now is the best time to start planning in order to ensure you are getting the best deal and helping the industry.

With the pandemic still present, we all deserve something we can look forward to. And travel should be that “thing”. So start to research places and figure out your next destination. Whether it be across the country, across the world, or in the town over, it will benefit you to plan your next travel.

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