BOOK HISTORY | Wendy & Gordon from Clinton, IL

Wendy & Gordon found “a piece of heaven” closer to home than they thought when they chose the Fern Suite in our Carriage House.

From Clinton, IL they discovered true hospitality was only a 20-minute drive to Bloomington, IL, ” … it’s so refreshing here! Nice to get away from the “cookie cutter” hotels.”

Read Wendy & Gordon’s review and what they loved so much about their stay, then find the suite that fits your personality or buy a gift certificate to get started on that date night you’ve been talking about!

Guest Review from Clinton, Illinois

To think a little piece of heaven was to be found in central Illinois! And we almost went to Chicago or St. Louis instead! We should have known. Home is best…

It’s so refreshing here! Nice to get away from the “cookie cutter” hotels and their “”get ’em in get ’em out”” approach to hospitality.

May you have continued success.

Wendy & Gordon ~ Clinton, IL


The Fern Suite

Located in the Carriage House, Fern Suite gets its name from the many ferns Julia Vrooman had planted on the grounds. The richly toned décor of the room enhances the “whisked away from it all” feeling! The queen-size memory foam pillow-top mattress is surrounded by a hand-painted frame. You’ll also find a reading chair and marble top dresser and tables.

vintage style bedspread and pillows


The Fern Suite features north and west windows overlooking the spacious lawn of the bed and breakfast, and providing a picturesque view of the Main House. Be sure to walk downstairs and save time for reading a book on the screened-in porch, or contact us about turning on the fireplace in the den.

An antique marbletop dresser with a handwritten journal, flowers and champagne. A bed can be seen in the reflection of the mirror.


Gourmet Breakfast

The staff of Vrooman Mansion take great pride in preparing and serving the finest and freshest breakfast items daily included with your overnight stay. Look at a sample of our seasonal ingredients to get an idea of how we might surprise you during your visit, and please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions so we can customize your breakfast to meet your needs and tastebuds!

bowl of fresh strawberries, blackberries and bananas with a glass of orange juice on an antique dining table


Private Bathrooms

The Fern Suite, like all 7 rooms at Vrooman Mansion, has its own private bathroom for overnight guests. This private attached modern bathroom includes a tile and glass shower, custom woodwork, and an antique mirror with a hand-painted sink. You’ll also find two luxurious bathrobes hanging on the back of the door for you to borrow during your stay, along with all of the bathroom amenities you’ve come to expect when you travel.

Two white bathrobes hang on the back of a dark wood bathroom door. A floral antique sink and faucet are visible next to dark wooden shelves.


The Carriage House at Vrooman Mansion

The Fern Suite is in the Carriage House, but what is it? Most are surprised to learn that in addition to the mansion itself, our grounds have an amazing not-so-hidden secret… the Carriage House. On the southeast corner of the property you’ll find this amazing gem, renovated in 2012 from a traditional carriage house to a cabin featuring two suites, an enclosed porch, kitchenette, patio, and first floor fireplace. Guests can rent the entire carriage house for added privacy, or share the common areas with other guests and make new friendships as a part of their stay.

In addition to the Fern Suite, down the hall on the second floor is also the Charlevoix Suite. The original owners of Vrooman Mansion, Julia and Matthew Scott, had a summer home in Charlevoix, Michigan which the suite was named after. Often chosen as a honeymoon suite, this amazing lofted room is the only one at the mansion with a king-sized bed.

Wooden high top table and kitchenette with antique black stove


Gift Certificates Available

If you’ve been looking for the perfect gift, but still need time to plan the perfect days to getaway, consider a gift certificate. Then you can pick and book your favorite room together. 

Vrooman Mansion is a bed, breakfast, and special events venue in Bloomington, IL roughly 20 minutes north of Clinton, Illinois.

Built in 1869, we blend vintage elements with modern amenities to give you a vibrant backdrop for the next chapter in your own story. Book your stay and make history.

globe style lights line a sidewalk at night leading to a beautiful wooden cabin



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