BOOK HISTORY | Curt & Connie from Carbondale, IL

“I found him whom my soul loves.” — Song of Solomon 3:4 

In her 70s, Connie found Curt ♥️ 

Newly married, their life of discovery together was just beginning, with new experiences like their first bed and breakfast! And Curt and Connie know something it might take the rest of us a lifetime to figure out…  time is the best gift.  

Romantic getaways are times to learn more about each other, discover new topics each other enjoys, all while creating new memories together.    

Curt and Connie found a treasure trove of American History at Vrooman Mansion, along with a gourmet breakfast that provided the perfect place for deep conversations and laughter.  

What adventures do you want to take in your 70s? Read more about Curt & Connie’s experience in the Rose Suite and how they explored all of Vrooman Mansion. Then reserve your own romantic getaway… no matter what decade you found each other.  

It’s never too late to plan your adventure. 

Guest Review from Curt and Connie of Carbondale, Illinois

Transcript of their Review

“This was our first time at an historic B&B together as we’ve only been married since Nov. 23, 2019, though we are in our 70s. Certainly the service by Pam and Brian could not have
been better!

The breakfasts have been delightful (it took us almost two hours to finish eating the first morning!) We really needed some rest as I still teach in the public schools & on top of that I have been training Red Cross lifeguards.

We definitely got the rest & refreshment we needed, but even more than that, we believe there is a significant part of American history here through the Scott’s and the Vrooman’s which we looked into (I would say, even more than that, began to appreciate Ms. Scott, who we believe descends from the family of George Washington & then became significant in the D.A.R. as well as Mrs. Julia Vrooman, who was not only a lady of class, hobnobbing with Adlai Stevenson and the Roosevelts, was a leader, even a servant-leader in the state and country, who still cared for the homeless.

We are both believers in the Lord Jesus Christ and truly felt that he led us here not only to be refreshed akin to the Song of Solomon but to begin to appreciate the great men and women who lived here!

May the Lord bless you abundantly!”

Curt & Connie Caldwell of Carbondale, Illinois

The Rose Suite and Private Bath

Imagine stepping into our charming European-style Rose Suite, which has witnessed countless stories unfold throughout its history. Curt and Connie chose this beautiful suite, located on the 2nd floor of the mansion. It offers picturesque views of the original 1850s home of Eli Barber, the visionary behind Vrooman Mansion. And the tall east facing windows bring in natural light to fill the room.

This popular suite invites you to embark on your own romantic adventure. Whether you’re penning heartfelt letters at the antique writing desk, losing yourself in a book by the window, or surrendering to a peaceful nap in the queen-size bed, the Rose Suite provides the perfect sanctuary for your getaway.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere as you relax in the antique sitting couch, marvel at the ornamental fireplace, and unwind in the private attached bath with a claw-foot tub/shower combination. The Rose Suite beckons you to indulge in its vintage allure and create timeless memories with your loved one as the perfect backdrop.

The attached private bath is unique and has wooden accents, reminiscent of its past as the Trunk Room where guests’ luggage was brought up by the English Lift. To enhance your bathing experience, you can opt for our Bath Package.

Included are handmade and locally sourced products from Wright Family Products that guarantee a pampering and relaxing experience. Customized specifically for Vrooman guests it includes soaking salts to soothe and relax your muscles, bubble bath for added enjoyment, a lavender essential oil-infused bar soap for cleansing, freshly whipped shaving butter for a luxurious shave, organic face wash and toner for facial care, and body butter to nourish and soften your skin. Not only can you enjoy these luxurious products during your stay, but you can also take them home with you!

Basket of white towels, rolled up ivory towel, cinnamon sticks, bottles of cream, jar of oil and sea salt

Gourmet Breakfast at Vrooman Mansion

“The breakfasts have been delightful (it took us almost two hours to finish eating the first morning!)” ~ Curt & Connie

At Vrooman Mansion, we take pride in serving our guests the finest and freshest gourmet breakfasts. Start your day with a glass of refreshing juice and a piping hot beverage of your choice. Whether you prefer our specially blended coffee, flavored hot cocoa, or fine English tea, we’ll ensure your morning cuppa is nothing short of perfection.

Our breakfast service, held at the original Scott/Vrooman family dining room table, provides a unique opportunity to connect with other guests, hear their stories, and form new friendships.

However, if you prefer a more intimate dining experience, we’re more than happy to accommodate your request for a separate table or staggered dining times. We can even arrange for a picturesque patio breakfast on beautiful summer mornings.

Prepare to be surprised and delighted as we present you with a hot entrée of the day, crafted with the freshest seasonal ingredients. From banana splits with Greek yogurt, fresh berries, and homemade granola in spring to pineapple with crystallized ginger yogurt during the winter, our ever-changing menu ensures a gourmet adventure every time. We strive to cater to dietary restrictions, so please inform us when making your reservation. At Vrooman Mansion, we’re dedicated to surpassing your expectations and ensuring a memorable breakfast experience.

Uncover American History in Central Illinois

As Connie & Curt discovered, Vrooman Mansion is steeped in American history, offering a glimpse into the lives of remarkable individuals who shaped our nation. The presidential connections to Washington and Roosevelt left them wanting to learn more!

The story begins with Matthew T. Scott and Julia Green, whose marriage in 1859 set the stage for a legacy that endures to this day. Matthew, an astute businessman, cultivated prosperity in the community, while Julia became a trailblazing businesswoman and served as National President of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Julia Scott Vrooman, their second daughter, left an indelible mark on our mansion. Her marriage to Carl Vrooman, a writer and public debater, brought together a circle of influential figures, including President Wilson, the Roosevelts, and her cousin Adlai Stevenson II. Julia’s vivacity and love for hosting unforgettable parties have become part of our mansion’s history, with her dining room table still gracing our bed and breakfast.

Julia’s intellectual pursuits, charitable endeavors, and unwavering determination make her an extraordinary figure. Her legacy is woven into every corner of our estate, allowing you to step back in time and appreciate the prominence of the Vrooman family. As you explore the mansion, you’ll discover the stories of these exceptional individuals who lived and loved within our walls.

Book Your Anniversary Getaway

Now that you’ve glimpsed the vibrant majesty of Vrooman Mansion, it’s time to plan your own romantic getaway. Whether you’re celebrating a milestone anniversary or simply seeking a rejuvenating escape, our vintage yet modern bed and breakfast promises an experience like no other.

Delight in the Rose Suite’s charm, savor our gourmet breakfasts, and immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of American history. As Curt and Connie experienced, Vrooman Mansion is a place where new memories are made and appreciation for the past blossoms.

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